2022 Home Decor Trends

Happy New Year! 2022 is officially here and there are new home decor trends. What can we expect for 2022? Well, lots of earthy colors, especially browns, and materials such as marble. The "feel" is warm and welcoming this year. Vogue explains that since the pandemic our homes have become "the main settings of our lives," therefore people have become more in touch with their interior designer side and maybe they never even knew they had before. Not only will earthy colors and natural materials be popular this year, but so will curved and sculptural furniture. Outdoor spaces are also a main focus for homeowners this year as we will all be having more and more outdoor parties. 

"Dual purpose rooms" are going to continue to be important since many of us are continuing to work from home. Setting up an office or area of your home that can be dedicated to work and allows for your own space to concentrate, is extremely important.
2022 is the year for opportunities, growth, and success and it all begins with the perfect home atmosphere. Need some decor inspiration? Head over to my Instagram and Facebook @feinerhomes for some great ideas.

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